Former WWE Amy Weber's naked pictures look like publicity ploy to some


Amy Weber, the former WWE sexy star, has decided to release her naked pictures online for the world to see. The reason behind Amy’s decision for releasing her own nude photos is basically a scheme to double cross the criminal who allegedly took her laptop out of her car, according to the Inquistr on Nov. 1, 2012.

If Amy Weber’s naked pictures are going to show up online, it’s going to be the former WWE beauty that does this, not some low life trying to make a buck. Weber was with her kids at a L.A. park when the culprit snatched her laptop out of her car. Her many naked pictures just happened to be on that laptop. The former WWE image consultant told her management team that she’s not letting anyone profit off her stolen pictures. She is also not going to wait around for the pictures to show up on some sleazy website. The naked pictures will be posted by Amy to beat the culprit to the punch.

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EX-WWE STAR AMY WEBER Releasing NAKED PICS After Laptop Got Stolen


x-WWE Diva Amy Weber had a full spread of naked photos on her laptop that got stolen last week -- so rather than wait for some lowlife hacker to make money off "leaked" nude pics ... she decided to release them for FREE!!! Amy's laptop was swiped from her car last Wednesday while she was playing with her kids at an L.A. park -- and she tells us, the computer contained a nude spread she shot for Playboy that never made it to print. Rather than sit and wait for the pics to surface on some seedy website, Weber tells us, she and her management team decided to release the photos on their own terms.

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Amy Weber Naked Photos Released: WWE Diva Reveals Nude Pics After Laptop is Stolen


One of the WWE Diva's who was promoted from WWE's Diva Search to Smackdown! has come up with a very bold idea after her laptop containing nude pictures of her was reportedly stolen.
Amy Weber has surprisingly decided that she herself would be better off releasing the nude pictures contained on her stolen laptop. The WWE Diva thought hard after her laptop was stolen and decided that this was the smartest idea she could come up with as she thought whoever stole her laptop would immediately recognize who she was.The laptop was reported stolen from her car last Wednesday while she was playing with her children at a Los Angeles park.
Weber told TMZ that the naked pictures were from a Playboy photo shoot that never ended up getting published.
"Ex-WWE Diva Amy Weber had a full spread of naked photos on her laptop that got stolen last week-so rather than wait for some lowlife hacker to make money off "leaked" nude pics...she decided to release them for FREE!!!" TMZ stated in an article.
Weber posted on her Twitter account stating, "I had something unfortunate happen to me and I made the choice to not be a victim- some will applaud and others will judge- that's ok."

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Actress Nadine Velazquez flying high in "Flight"


Actress Nadine Velazquez fulfilled one of her professional dreams in "Flight" starring Denzel Washington, which premieres Friday.
In this story of a heroic pilot with a devastating secret, Velazquez plays the flight attendant whose duty is to help the passengers during a terrible air accident.
"I always wanted to scream and cry and plead for my life in a movie, and this is my chance!" Velazquez, born in Chicago of Puerto Rican parents, told Efe.
The actress became known for the television series "My Name Is Earl" and now has recurrent roles in two others: "The League" and "Heart of Dixie".
She discovered her love for acting as a little girl and began her career in a television commercial. From there her career took off and among her most recent credits are "War" with Jason Statham, and the film made for television "Husband for Hire."In "Flight", Nadine is the faithful lover of Washington's character. But this role is not as innocuous as it might appear at first sight. Her character is guilty of covering up a very dangerous secret.

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Kat Dennings Nude Photos Leak Online Again


Kat Dennings was dealt a Halloween nightmare when nude photos of the "2 Broke Girls" actress resurfaced almost two years after they were released.

Nude photos allegedly of Dennings first surfaced in November 2010. At the time, Dennings was best known for starring opposite Michael Cera in 2008's teen romance flick, "Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist." The photos were taken in a bedroom. Some of the shots were taken from the neck down, while others show (presumably) Dennings' face as well.

On Thursday, Zap2It reported that nude photos of Dennings from the same 2010 batch had resurfaced. The photos was originally hacked from the actress' cell phone, according to Zap2it

Dennings, who once had small roles in "Sex and the City" and "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," is now considered one of the rising stars in Hollywood.

Her show on CBS, "2 Broke Girls," snagged an Emmy Award in its first season. Her character, Broke Girl Max, utters snakry lines that Dennings herself might echo, brassy lines like, "Hey, when you get a second, stop looking at my boobs." The 26-year-old also has box office clout, having starred as Darcy Lewis in "Thor" and the upcoming "Thor: The Dark World."

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