Kristen Stewart Does Not Care if Miley Cyrus Hates Her Movies


Even if Miley Cyrus is clearly enraging Twilight fans with her dislike for vampire movies, this is what Kristen Stewart has to say to her: “Whatever- is she hates vampires, that’s cool.” Kirsten Stewart doesn’t care if Miley’s not a big fan of their movie the Eclipse. Miley Cyrus recently admitted that she hates vampires and hasn’t watched any of the movies in the Twilight Saga. Is Miley jealous of Kirsten because she has Robert and a blockbuster movie? Kirsten said in an interview: Of course, the 17 year old Miley is again is in a middle of controversy after Kirsten expressed her opinion on Miley’s statement. She found an ally – Sarah McLachlan who expressed her disappointment towards the critics of Miley Cyrus. She said “I feel really bad for her, she’s just 17 and she deserves a break. She can just be a stupid teenager (YES SHE IS!), because everything she does is scrutinized and I feel bad that she has to grow up in the spotlight. She didn’t choose to be in this situation, she didn’t want her life to be an open book.” I disagree!

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Kristen Stewart Does Not Care if Miley Cyrus Hates Her Movies