'Burn Notice': New season, new handler


In the fourth season premiere of "Burn Notice," Michael doesn't learn much about the people who burned him or the people who are holding him, except that they're the same people. He does, however, get a new handler, a fellow named Vaughn who doesn't seem like a complete nutbar. In fact, he convinces Michael that they're on the same side, up against whoever it was who paid to have Simon sprung from the clink and turned loose on an unsuspecting populace. Also sprung from the clink: Michael himself, who doesn't even have time to kick his shoes off before he finds himself joining in on Sam and Fi's Job Of The Week, already in progress. It seems some chivalrous lawyer offended a biker gang, and now he's marked for death. With Barry's help, Michael and the gang fake a bunch of financial records showing that their client is mixed up with the gang; enough so that if he dies, the gang goes down, too, in a federal investigation. The biker boss has to quell a minor mutiny within his ranks to call off the hit, but of course Michael and the team are there to help with that, too.

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'Burn Notice': New season, new handler