Britney Spears gig in Australia: fans storm out


Fans stormed out of a Britney Spears show in Australia because she was miming.

There seems to be a little difference in expectations of pop stars between Australia and the US. None of us would expect Britney Spears to be singing live at a concert or show. We know very well that her dancing means that live singing is not possible: we would just get pants and gasps of exertion, not a note.

It's also true that Britney's singing capabilities in the studio, without the dancing, are not all that strong, but that's another matter. But according to reports from australia that's not how the australians themselves see it. If they've paid for a concert ticket to hear someone sing then they should be hearing someone singing:

But when she was just a couple of songs into the show dozens of disgruntled fans headed for the exits.

Many had not realised that the star, on stage dressed as a lion tamer, was going to mime.

It has to be said that these sorts of misundertandings are not uncommon. Just because the English, we Americans, the Australians and so on speak what sounds pretty much like the same language does not mean that we are all culturally the same at all.

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Britney Spears gig in Australia: fans storm out celebrities stalker