Britney Scandal Down Under Reignites Debate Over Concert Faking


As a nation, we have clearly settled the question of whether it's okay for Britney Spears to fake a concert. Of course it is. But leave it to Australia to stick their mitts right back in that can of worms.

This past weekend, our beloved national trainwreck set off a storm of controversy down under when it suddenly dawned on fans at a concert that Britney was lip-syncing her songs; "miming" they call it. One critic on hand penned a review which featured disappointed fans storming out and suddenly, the old wounds of our great national Britney conversation were torn open.

The brouhaha has gone so far as to have Australian lawmakers calling for a new law which would require performers to state on their tickets that concert goers risk exposure to non-singing. China apparently passed such a "Name and Shame" law after controversy related to the Olympic opening ceremonies.

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Britney Scandal Down Under Reignites Debate Over Concert Faking celebrities stalker