A year of living Oprah is no life at all


What’s it like to follow the lifestyle guru – to the letter? Expensive and confusing, says the author of Living Oprah. Robyn Okrant has a complicated relationship with the most powerful woman in the world. She says she isn’t an Oprah hater or a superfan – she’s simply intrigued by the mogul’s influence on American women. In 2008, Ms. Okrant abided by all the advice the icon doled out on her show, in her magazine and on her website. Along the way, she spent $4,781.84 – plus 1,202 hours and 1 minute – as she followed the lifestyle guru’s instructions including taking a 21-day vegan cleanse, buying a crisp white Brooks Brothers shirt and seeing Céline Dion in concert. The Chicago yoga instructor recently published a book about the experience called Living Oprah. By the end of the year, she told The Globe and Mail in a phone interview, she was unable to distinguish her own point of view from Oprah’s and felt unclear on whether she really was living her “best life.” You mention many times in the book that you were on a tight budget. How did you deal with all of the things that you needed to buy for this project?

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A year of living Oprah is no life at all celebrities stalker